Who is Leen?

Let me paint you a picture of who I am

After a long and successful career as a freelance management assistant, I am more than confident of my skills as an irrepressible coordinator with multifunctional talents.

You can take a look at the professional skills that I have developed during my career in my curriculum vitae. These are the skills I use in my role as PA/Butler

Click here to see my full curriculum vitae.

Here are some things that you will not find in my c.v. but really should know

My c.v. will give you a brief introduction of who I am but in order to work as a Butler, you should know a bit more about what makes me tick.

I am proud to be from West Flanders!

Not to worry, my West Flanders accent only comes out on demand only! You and your business associates will not hear any trace of an accent or dialect, unless of course my accent can be of an advantage in the company of people from West Flanders.

I am very sociable without any social obligations

I love meeting new people and getting to know them, I enjoy networking in any situation and I appreciate the good things life has to offer. Of course my family plays an important role in my life but now that my children have spread their wings, I have no household commitments so I am 100% flexible.

My strengths and talents

  • punctual, flexible and very loyal; helpful and sociable
  • eager to learn, enthusiastic and determined
  • a diverse and rich network of professional contacts
  • strong communicator and negotiator and great team player and coach

Want to know more?

A curriculum vitae and a web profile is certainly not enough to really get to know me. What really counts is the feeling that you get when you meet someone, and of course there has to be a match in personalities too.

So please don’t hesitate to contact me, it would be my pleasure to set up a face to face meeting